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Microscopes, Motic, 5 year warranty, spare parts,service available in South Australia.

Motic combines consistency and quality to provide an excellent standard of both optical and digital microscopy products.Motic was formed in 1988 as a high-tech industrial enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of conventional compound microscopes. 

Before you purchase your next microscopes, check that service and spare parts are offered by the supplier in Australia.
Omega Scientific offers both and only supplies the Motic branded microscopes and can provide testimonials from Adelaide clients.

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Microscope , Binocular Motic BA81B-MS
Microscope, Binocular, Reasearch grade .Siedentopf 45 degree inclined head , 360 degree rotation...
Microscope, Junior student,
Microscope, Junior student, AIS EPSL,45 degree inclined fully rotating head with 10x locked widef..
Microscope, Pillar 10x
Microscope, pillar type, 10x wide field eyepiece, 2x objective,but monocular, AIS-DM1  ..
Microscope, Pocket type 100X, (Lightscope)
Microscope, Pocket type 100X, (Lightscope), built in light ..
Microscope, Pocket type 30X, (Lightscope)
Microscope, Pocket type 30X, (Lightscope), built in light ideal for junior primary ..
Microscope, Senior Secondary, Motic AIS BA80 LED Illumination
Microscope, biological type, monocular,45 degree inclined rotating head with 10x WF eyepiece, 3 p..
Microscope, Senior Secondary, Motic AIS BA80AQ-MS
Microscope, biological type, monocular 45 degree inclined rotating head with 10x WF eyepiece, 4 p..
Microscope, Senior student, AIS M2L
Microscope, Senior student, AIS M2L,built in illumination (tungsten lamp 240v/20w), 4x,10x,40x ob..
Microscope, Stereo type
Microscope, Stereo type, 10x wide field eyepieces, coarse focus, pillar type, 2 x objective. The ..
Microscope, Stereo type,
Microscope, stereoscopic type, 45 degree inclined head for easier viewing, two 10x widefield eyep..
Microscope, Stereo type, Motic ST-36C-2LGO
Microscope, stereoscopic type,inclined and 360 degree rotatable head, two 10x widefield eyepieces..
Microscope,Junior to Mid Secondary, AISBA50
Microscope, biological type,monocular 45 deg angled rotating head with 10x WF eyepiece, 3 place n..
Microscope,Senior Secondary, Motic AIS BA81A-MS
Microscope, biological type, monocular 45 degree inclined rotating head with 10x WF eyepiece, 4 p..
Microscope,Stereo type, Motic S-20-LO
Microscope,stereoscopic type, 45 degree inlcined head, two 10x widefield eyepieces, 2 x objective..
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