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Albumin Powder 100g
Albumin Powder 100g ..
Antibiotics Test Rings, pkt/50
Antibiotics Test Rings for use in culture dish.pkt/50 (mastrings) ..
Catalase, 25ml
Catalase is a high activity enzyme that facilitates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide t..
Ferro fluid, display cell
This cell is 2cm diamter x 6cm long and containa a small amount of ferrofluid suspended in a clea..
Ferro fluid, magnetic liquid
Ferro Fluid is a collodial suspension of nano scale magnetic particles in a liquid carrier. The p..
Gibberellic acid 1g
Gram stain kit, 4 components
Gram staining is an identification method that is carried out to classify bacteria as Gram Positi..
Lactase is a digestive enzyme that hydrolyses lactose,a sugar found in milk, to glucose and galac..
Lipase, 10g
Lipase is a digestive enzyme that hydrolyses the ester bonds of triglycerides to release fatty ac..
Nano Tex fabric, beige colour
Nano Tex fabric, beige colour, approx size is 32cm x 32cm ..
Pectinase 100ml
Pectinase 100ml  ..
Protease, 100ml
Protease, 100ml ..
Rheoscopic convection fluid
This non toxic fluid is supplied as a concentrate. Mix with water to produce a swirling white&nbs..
Starch Paper (Iodine Test Paper), pkt/100
Starch Paper (Iodine Test Paper) pk/100 strips ..
Taste Test Paper, Genetics, Control Paper,pkt/100
Taste Test Paper, Genetics, Control Paper, pk/100 strips ..
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