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Trolley,storage Double Column
Storage Trolley, double column,with 2 shallow trays and 4 deep trays. Heavy duty frame with casto..
A strong,multipurpose,laboratory trolley with 3 shelves.The trolley operates on large castor whee..
Trolley unit for 12 trays
Callero Deep Tray Treble unit. Supplied with both static feet and braked castors these units use ..
Trolley large resource
Trolley, large resource, 9 trays, static feet and braked castors. Trolley dimensions 1025mm high ..
Trolley Laboratory General Purpose
Trolley, three tier, 790mm x 500mm. Includes brakes on two castors. Supports up to 250kg. Very st..
Trolley Jumbo Tray Trebel Unit
Trolley, jumbo. This unit is ideal for large items. Supplied with both static feet and casto..
Tris Buffer, 100g, AR
Tris Buffer, 100g tris (hydroxymethyl) methylamine   ..
Tripod, triangular top, 200mm legs
Tripod, triangular top, 200mm legs, 125mm sides,heavy duty cast top,with screw in legs, Metapp ..
Tripod, triangular top, 150mm legs
Tripod, triangular top, 150mm legs,125mm sides,heavy duty cast top with screw in legs Metapp ..
Tripod, ring top, 125mm x 200mm legs
Tripod, ring top, 125mm x 200mm heavy duty cast top, with screw in legs, Metapp ..
Triple Beam Balance without extension masses Adam
Triple Beam Balance without extension masses, 610g x 0.1g ..
Triple Beam Balance with extension masses Adam
Triple Beam Balance, 2.5kg x 0.1g,with attachemt masses, 2 x 500g , 1 x 1kg ..
Trilobite fossil (each)
Trilobite fossil,Palaeozoic age approx 50mm long ..
Triethylenetetramine, 60%, 25ml
Triethylenetetraamine 60%, 25ml ..
Triethanolamine, 500ml
Triethanolamine 500ml ..
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