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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Product range suitable for Primary and Secondary Students.

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Power House Kit, Green Essentials
Power House Kit: Grades 5 and up. With this kit students learn about alternative energy and susta..
Projectile launcher kit, for 15 teams.
Projectile Launcher Kit: Grades 6 -12. Combine 2 students, building and making things fly to inve..
Pump for Rokit, air and water
Pump for Rokit, air and water ..
Robobug. Through the construction of this amazing robot students discover how a motor works, and ..
Robotic Line Tracer
Robotic Line Tracer. With the supplied software and instructions get students to programme the ro..
Rocket powered film canister, set/10
Film Cannister: These canisters are perfect for building your Alka-Seltzer rockets. The tight fit..
Rokit , water/ air powered (Rokit)
Rokit, water/ air powered (Rokit). Attach the rokit to a 1.25lt poly bottle, part fill with water..
Roller Coaster Kit for 10 design teams.
Roller Coaster Kit: Grade 6-12. Unleash Newton's laws as thrill seeking design teams explore roll..
Rubber band powered aeroplane
Rubber Band Powered Plane.Simple to build and fly. ..
Rubber band powered propellor vehicle
Rubber Band Powered Vehicle Kit. Constructs 2 separate propellor driven vehicles. ..
Salt water fuel cell car
Salt Water Fuel Cell Car.When salt water is added it dissovles the magnesium  to form hydrog..
Separation of a Mixture Kit for 15 design teams of 2
Separation of a Mixture Kit: Grades 7-12. Students use planning skills,logic, and trial and error..
Simple Machines Set
5 in 1 Machine Set. Contains enough pieces to construct a lever, a pulley, an inclined plane, a w..
Solar Car Design Kit, for 32 students in 8 groups of 4
Solar Car Design Kit: Turn your students into automotive design engineers. The challenge: design ..
Solar Cell Energy Conversion Set
Solar Cell Energy Conversion Set, encapsulated solar cell, mounted in metal case with motor lamp ..
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