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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Product range suitable for Primary and Secondary Students.

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Hydropower Kit
Hydropower Kit: Grades 3 and up. Let your students explore the power of water through model build..
Investigating Solar Energy Set
Investigating Solar Energy: Grades 5-9. Go green and bring STEM concepts to life with KNEX. Learn..
Iron Filings Encapsulated
Iron filings encased in a sealed plastic dish, 85mm diameter. . ..
Jitterbug, Robotic Lady Bug
A robotic ladybug that is easy to assemble. Will shiver and scamper her way across the room. ..
KidWind Basic Turbine Kit
Kidwind Basic Turbine: This Basic Turbine is a great start for teaching students about wind energ..
KidWind Solar Thermal Kit
The KidWind Solar Thermal Kit is modelled after a domestic water heating system. Solar water heat..
KNEX Bridges
Knex Bridges. 207 pieces to build 13 different bridge models, including arch, beam, truss, cable,..
KNEX Gears
Knex Gears Set. 198 pieces enable you to build 7 different gear models, spur,chain and sprocket g..
KNEX Levers and Pulleys
Knex levers and pulleys.178 pieces enable you to build 8 models. including levers, movable a..
Make it Bounce Kit for 15 teams
Make It Bounce Kit: Grades 6-12. A chemistry lesson that is competitive.Introduce students to pol..
Motors kit for 10 design teams
Motors Kit: Grades 6-12. Get charged up about motors and electrical engineering. Design teams ass..
Mousetrap Cars Kit for 10 design teams
Mouse trap Cars Kit: Speed to excitement with a car powered by the energy of 1 mousetrap. Prototy..
Paint Stirrer Catapult kit for 15 teams
Paint Stirrer Catapult Kit: Grades 6-12. Launch projectiles and learn about levers. Build a paint..
Passive Solar Design Kit for groups of 2 or 3
Passive Solar Design Kit: Design and construct your own scale model vacation home to explore pass..
Physical Sciences kit for 30 students
Physical Sciences Kit: Grades 6-12. Bring engaging STEM activities into your curriculum with thes..
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